300k views WOW! And since you’ve all been so interested in the lyrics here they are: NaaaaaaANAAaaaananananananaaaaa Uuuuuhuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuhuuhu…

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25 thoughts on “Skyrim Main Theme Cover (A Capella)

  1. kat578 says:

    It’s good, but if you had actually learned the words that are in the song
    (there are words, just a different language) then it would have made it
    awesome. The fact that all you’re doing is saying “nanananana” over and
    over again is kind of annoying and I can’t listen to it and enjoy it.

  2. Mrgameplay1001 says:

    I feel like this deserves more views. A very calm version to one of the
    most popular videogame soundtracks. It’s different and I like it.

  3. rudess84 says:

    I don’t understand if two chords are ok, I mean at 2.05 there should be a
    G…is it a G? And soon after there should be a A

  4. Epic Frame says:

    You should totally mix in Tobuscus’ lyrics with it, from his literal
    trailer 😀

    Good job anyway!

  5. John Shep says:

    yes, because you immediately need to eat a bread or drink a cappuccino if
    you have a 10 seconds break…

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