Lesson 15 in the DIY learn to play piano series. This lesson covers eighth notes and how to count them. Note: I own and produced all content in this video.

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11 thoughts on “Learn to play piano – Lesson 15: Playing Eighth Notes

  1. kimkaera tattao says:

    Wow I’m very impressed in all your videos. It was really worth watching
    ‘coz my dream is to become an organist. Thank you for your effort Sir GOD
    BLESS 🙂

  2. Christian Stefan says:

    A little confused. For example, in the second measure, if they are all
    played as eighth notes, why not just have them all connected?

  3. Daisy Castillo says:

    You make everything easy to understand! Thanks a ton! I always wondered
    what the eight notes meant. And now i know! Keep up the awesome job! I
    appreciate your hard work! ^ㅅ^

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