Learn how to play more songs and upload your own version at Chromatik – http://bit.ly/19AX5EC Violin sheet music, chords, and vocals for Imagine Dragons – Ra…

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25 thoughts on “Radioactive – Imagine Dragons – Violin – Sheet Music, Chords and Vocal

  1. lovethatmusicfreak says:

    it will not allow me to recieve this sheet music off your website, do you
    know anywhere else i can get this piece of music ?

  2. LeRhetoricalWizards says:

    I’m going to try to start playing this as soon as possible. However, with
    Junior Strings, Orchestra, Suzuki, and my Allstate music, it will be hard
    to fit it in.

  3. Elizabeth Russell says:

    Hi Chromatik! I took a look at your blog, and signed up for the website,
    but I can’t find this sheet music anywhere… my daughter would like to use
    it to audition for a school for next year, and this version is PERFECT…
    will you please tell me how to find this particular sheet music? Thank you
    so much!

  4. P K-D says:

    Hi, I just subscribed, signed up, etc etc. I can not find the sheet
    music. My son would like to play this on violin, too. Please post an
    update about why your site actually lists a conflict with UMG, and whether
    you do, or do not, have the sheet music & how to download.

  5. P K-D says:

    To all interested, get the sheet music for violin on Shazamio’s site. Easy
    to download, looks like Chromatik took it from Shazamio.

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