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25 thoughts on “Whisper Saxophone Sheet Music

  1. Moses Dimas says:

    Please please please make a download link! please please please please
    please! My memory sucks. It would be better to base the song off my own
    sheet music than my brain. I wont always have internet.

  2. OfficialParadaG says:

    Thought I could play this, then we get to the altissimo notes at 3:55 and
    I’m just like, NOPE. lol, I can’t reach those yet.

  3. Michael Bishop says:

    Hey Romero Maria, nice going—I’m working on the same song so listening to
    you play this helped out with a couple places on this song. Thanks!

  4. JNguyenSheets says:

    Hey everyone, if you want the sheet music for this song, check my channel.
    This was my original video on my old account (awsomist1234) but it got
    deleted. So if you want to download the sheet music for this song, just go
    to my channel and download it there. 

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