Hey guys, this is my third remix video, and I decided to remix the theme song from one of my favourite video games ever: Skyrim. I tried my best to do the th…

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17 thoughts on “Skyrim – Main Theme Metal Remix (HD)

  1. Minecraftmaker2012 says:

    Can you do a cover of Metallica – The Outlaw Torn?
    I really like that song and it would be awsome if you can make a cover of
    that song :D

  2. Galdon Recica says:

    this is amazing it keeps the epicnes of the actual theme and makes it
    metal.the problem that i had with some covers was that they just fell flat
    but this really does it right good job

  3. Mission Guitar says:

    Really cool cover man! I really like all the thought you put into the
    arrangement.You might want to mess with the velocities on your drum kit and
    some compression though. Check out my cover if you get a chance! (Elder
    Scrolls V) Sons of Skyrim Guitar Cover

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