Teaching or learning piano? This sight-reading tutor app is your great helper! For detailed features of this amazing app, check it out here: http://www.shini…

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9 thoughts on “PIANO NOTES PRO – The Best Music Note Trainer for iPad.

  1. Joseph Sardone says:

    THANK YOU for posting a nice video. However, what about note values?
    Playing with a metronome? Maybe a scroll feature, so that you can
    continually play random notes as they appear? ANYTHING related to >TIME<
    …EVEN A TIME SIGNATURE would be nice? Where are those? Otherwise, this is
    just a glorified note locater no ? I mean I DID buy this app, and I can't
    seem to find ANYTHING related to time. Sooo am I missing something, or is
    this really just a note locater? Thanks and Happy New Year! 🙂

  2. ShiningCode says:

    Hi Joseph, We will put your suggestion onto the wishlist for future
    enhancement. Thank you! Shining Code Team

  3. jmoreno600 says:

    I use this app often, with the iPad connected to a digital piano. It is
    indeed the best note trainer for iOS, even though in this MIDI
    configuration approx. one out of every 15 notes is not recognized, which is
    annoying and can kill your “flow.” Still, I think this is where the app has
    maximum pedagogical value. I could list dozens of potential improvements. I
    like Joseph Sardone’s suggestion, and it would also be greatl to have a
    (MIDI) hands-together mode, or accidentals in chords mode!

  4. ShiningCode says:

    Hi jmoreno600, Thanks for your bug report. We have passed it to our
    development team and a fix will be released as soon as possible We take all
    suggestions into consideration and many of them have been scheduled for
    coming updates. Thanks for your support. =) Shining Code Team

  5. Andy Borowski says:

    Nice app! Thinking of picking up an iPad, and a MIDI cable for it, but
    before I do, @ShiningCode, is there any way you can verify that it would
    work with a Yamaha YDP-113? It does not have USB outs, only MIDI In, Out,
    and Thru ports, though I can purchase a midi to USB cable. Thanks, and
    looking forward to future additions to the software.

  6. ShiningCode says:

    Hi Andy, Thanks for your comment! Though we couldn’t find a Yamaha YDP-113
    to have a test on it, the following info might help. We have a Yamaha P-120
    which is an over-ten-year-old product. It doesn’t have any USB ports
    either. However, it’s successfully connected to an iPad with an Edirol
    UM-1X USB MIDI interface via its MIDI-OUT port. The UM-1X has a switch
    called “Advanced Driver”. The connection only works when the switch is off.
    Shining Code Team

  7. jmoreno600 says:

    +ShiningCode The issue I commented about six months ago has indeed been
    fixed. The creators of this software seem to be conscientious and
    committed. However, for those of us who use this app with digital piano or
    keyboard, the ability to input notes from both staves simultaneously would
    be tremendously useful, and perhaps the feature that would make this an
    absolutely must-have app for piano students. You may already be selling
    licenses to universities, but at this point that would seem to be a rich
    market awaiting the addition of just a few features.

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