my FB page, with gigs announcements and stuff like that. From the album “October Rust”.

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23 thoughts on “Type O Negative – Green Man – piano cover

  1. RolandDeschain1 says:

    I have no doubt Peter Steele would have loved this.

    ‘October Rust’ is probably the most listened-to album of my life.

  2. Marcio Cardoso says:

    This is one of my favorite TON songs and you translated it beautifully to
    the piano! Please, play In Praise of Bacchus when you can!

  3. Jack Kehoe says:

    Moods or seasons or any reason.

    Vika playing…. Spasybi, bitte, please be a bit unsoothing.

    Wake me, make me hear whatever you say.

    It’s 5 am and I’m glad to find something new Vika’s playing.

    A language all her own.

    A language souls instantly get.

    My mind’s thoughts stuck on learning while my soul says…. no thinking,
    shut up !
    understand fine, just listen from inside.
    You’re hearing sound from a soul play fire.

    Musika….. So complex yet so simple.

    Vika’s plays…. I am just going to listen.

    But Vika, ….
    It’s 5am! Please, pack a bag !

    I’d love to hear if you’d sound this great playing with 7 hour jet lag !

  4. snowplack says:

    Чё за шрэды? Нахуя так издеваться? Питер Стил в гробу перевернулся.

  5. The M.K.M. says:

    That wa absolutely amazing!! gave the song even more emotions!! amazing!
    Please do “Love You to Death” next 😀 i would die if you did!!

  6. Elena Nikolova says:

    5 years without Peter Steele, but he lives on and will always live on
    through his music in our hearts! Thank you Vika for this beautiful cover!

  7. Leilany luna says:

    This is really good, you have an incredible talent!! You should do a
    Fleetwood Mac cover. I rarely see them on youtube and I think you would do
    a good job :)

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