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24 thoughts on “Downton Abbey- The Suite

  1. Anja Baekkel says:

    I always rolled my eyes when my mum sat down in front of the telly to watch
    Downton Abbey, and told her she was lame for loving the show. Then half a
    year ago I just took the dvd and thought to myself: “Well, I’ve got nothing
    else to do” and watched entire series 1 the same night.

  2. DarkArcharon says:

    A girl played this before she *died*. Please, I am not trying to get you to
    watch this.
    Let me explain: I am *Dutch*, and I heard about the *Death* of a 13 y/o
    girl* just recently, she died in a *traffic accident*.
    I saw a video on youtube *Anna van keulen speelt Downton Abbey*.
    Apparently the girl who died (Anna) loved music, and liked this song.
    She played it while her father was recording, please believe me, If you
    don’t you may report me for spamming, but I would like you to look at her
    piano version of this

    *PLEASE* again, I would like everyone who likes this song to support her
    family, so they know she was someone who will not be forgotten about in a
    long time.
    *13 Years old, talented*, Very talented, but one *unfortunate event* erased
    it all.

  3. Robert Erniso says:

    Ana did a wonderful job., I know she won’t be forgotten., my thoughts and
    prayers go out to her whole entire family and friends.

  4. jopaz321 says:

    Very relaxing music, even if I, as a self-professed Anglophile, find the
    show more than a bit too self-consciously posh and pompous. 

  5. Marcos Real says:

    This is a wonderful theme, though there’s something that’s been bothering
    me lately. I started watching the series a few weeks ago, and everything
    seemed alright, but now that I listened to the show’s music on YouTube, I
    noticed that it’s on a different key from the one played in the series.
    Does anybody else know something about this?

  6. shaunzzzable says:

    This music gives me so much life – a cliche statement, i know, but i love
    it!! This is so brilliantly orchestrated and the tune just cries for drama
    yet wails for peace at the same time. idk, its absolutely perfect for this

  7. Bladescale27 says:

    I’m the only person out of my friends who actually watches this. But I
    couldn’t give a toss because I love it too much 🙂 

  8. SLYSPYHIWAY90 says:

    This music takes you on such a heart felt journey of emotion that im more
    than happy to go on. What a ride

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