Performance by: Vladimir Horowitz. Please take note once again that the audio AND the sheet music ARE NOT mine. Change the quality to 480p if the video is blurry.

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8 thoughts on “Liszt-Horowitz – Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 (audio + sheet music)

  1. TheExarion says:

    Honestly, I thought this version was somewhat perverse at first, but I came
    to appreciate Horowitz’s interpretation on a piece that commands
    interpretation almost like no other. It’s also an exemplary showcase for
    his skill and ability to bring out the boom in piano.

  2. GoldinDr says:

    The only time I can abide this piece is when it’s played with a sense of
    humor. (It’s not for nothing that Tom & Jerry made a whole cartoon out of
    it.) But Horowitz is actually playing it seriously, so inevitably it sounds
    like ponderous kitsch. Lang Lang unintentionally plays it perfectly. Just
    my opinion.

  3. Herbert Hall says:

    Horowitz plays this fantastically. It was a live concert in Carnegie in
    1953. I love his playing and I have heard most other peoples versions, for
    which I will always show rightful respect. 

  4. William Diffin says:

    @GoldinDr- it’s a valid opinion, even if I think it’s false, but then as a
    Horowitz fan I’m biased. I think this performance is full of fun precisely
    *because* Horowitz is treating it seriously, even pompously, which I
    believe was his intention. He is obviously having the time of his life
    reveling in his unique talent, rather than placing his talent entirely at
    the service of the music. And what is immense fun for Horowitz is immense
    fun for his audience. So although I think your opinion is false, it was an
    amusing point you made and if only for that reason I consider it as valid
    as mine.

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