My piano cover of the main theme from “The Imitation Game” starring Benedict Cumberbatch, composed by Alexandre Desplat. Another wonderful soundtrack by a great composer, be sure to give it…

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24 thoughts on “The Imitation Game – Piano Cover

  1. ThePandaTooth says:

    Happy new year, everyone! Fun fact, this time last year I had just reached
    1000 subscribers. Crazy. Thanks to all my new fans 🙂 I hope you enjoy this
    one, thanks to *Chloe* for the request! 

  2. Lizzy Summers says:

    Amazing! Beautiful cover, well done. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but the
    soundtrack is really amazing:)

  3. Manu L says:

    Hi, im 16 years old, live in germany and was playing piano for eight years,
    when i had to stop, because of less time and motivation.
    You and your channel gave me new motivation and i already played some of
    your covers, which are really amazing, keep going, i cant expect the sheets
    of this this cover,
    dont wanna know how much work this has to be 😮
    thank you for this FREE work, im going to donate soon 🙂
    sry for my bad english :b

  4. Mateus Roni says:

    +ThePandaTooth , thank you sooo much for providing those EXCELLENT
    sheets!!! I’m your fan!! You have so much talent!! Why don’t you play
    popular song also? I’m brazilian, sorry for any spelling mistakes. Thank

  5. Thor says:

    Which brand, name/model is the piano used for recording? I know nothing
    about pianos and your smooth & virtuoso likd piano skill brought me here
    bought I’m also curious about the piano used here, It appears to be

  6. Yskandar Gas says:

    That’s brilliant. Thank you for your amazing work on your website and all
    the sheets available!

  7. 스노켄더스 says:

    와 감탄했어요…정말잘치세요 이미테이션게임 원본음악보다더멋져요.악보어디서구하셨나요?

    WOW Beautiful good.

    A piano score where??

    Im korean humman.i am not good at english


  8. DaedalusRE2 says:

    Damn dude , you’re playing with so much emotion and you transfer it to us.
    I actually ended up feeling like I had swallowed a tennis ball ( you know ,
    the feeling you have when you watch something emotional and you’re about to
    burst into tears , and you feel like you have a ball down your throat) .
    Very , very well done

    You should try out some Tiersen as well :)

  9. Laurent Thanh says:

    Well dude, I haven’t listened to a cover that good for a long time !
    Subscribing right away ! I see you do a lot of movie scores covers, it’s
    A few months ago, I was planning on creating a channel to upload my scores
    covers that are already on Soundcloud, but since they’re all orchestral
    (done with VSTs and a keyboard), the videos I would’ve uploaded would’ve
    totally sucked ahah !
    Well I’m looking forward to watching your new videos man !
    Cheers from Paris, France !

  10. Féline Maarschalk says:

    I saw the movie and it was absolutely beautiful. I cought the piano at the
    end, together with a whole orchestra, and it sounded amazing.

    A few days later I looked the soundtrack up on YouTube and I found your
    cover. When I heard it I was impressed. Especially when I read you wrote
    this all by ear. In just want to thank you for the amazing work you’ve
    done, it means a lot to me.

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