The Harry Potter Theme Song tutorial!! Subscribe for more videos and post comments on how to make my videos better or what other songs I should play! Thanx.

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25 thoughts on “EASY SONG! How to play the Harry Potter Theme Song on Piano!!.m4v

  1. Anthony Ridley says:


    Here are the notes quickly took them down on my phone while he was going so
    every ,=# 

  2. robchopper87 says:

    You make it look so easy in comparison, with no difference in sound or
    quality. Good work lad!
    Jarrod Radnich – Virtuosic Piano Solo – Harry Potter

  3. Sam S. says:

    Thx! It really helped it was my first song I could play. Just a suggestion
    I think you should learn the notes and tell us instead of just pointing at
    it or saying “this note”. But thx it is an awesome vid.

  4. eleanα eleana says:

    Hello.. You said that you want song requests right?? Can you please do
    “yurima river flows in you”???? Please 

  5. sophialoken says:

    What are the exact notes? I would really like to know. The video helped but
    I still had trouble. So can I please get the notes???!!!?!

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