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13 thoughts on “Summoner’s Rift -Login Theme- (League of Legends) ~ Piano arrangement w/ sheet music!

  1. HollowRiku - Moisés Nieto says:

    I’m back with a cover of the new Summoner’s Rift theme that’s coming very
    soon to League of Legends!~ Hope you like it! c:

  2. Fulminis Ictus says:

    Great cover! You really seem to like that game ^^ I’ve tried Lol recently
    but I guess I won’t really continue playing it because it would take me a
    while to get into the game and learn about the characters, their skills and
    strategies. I guess I’ll just stick to Dota for the time being.

  3. pit palutena says:

    Buen trabajo Moises.
    I really like the new theme. Hope that in the future I can also play as
    good as you. Also thanks for the sheets. I’m gonna try to play it directly.
    So thank you very much for it.
    That was it from my side. Keep going like this. Also can’t wait to play
    with you on Summoners Rift. 

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