For sheets visit my website: (not up yet – but soon) A piano cover of Let It Go (From Disney’s Frozen) by Idina Menzel. Arrang…

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24 thoughts on “Let It Go (From Disney’s Frozen) – Idina Menzel – Piano Cover Video by YourPianoCover

  1. BobGmbH says:

    Really nice cover! There’s not much to criticize, but at 1:31 I would have
    put in a C#Major chord, which would fir better than Ab, but that’s just my

  2. Александр Колонин says:

    Played very well on the piano! Bravo! I am from Russia.Очень хорошо !

  3. lavangee1 says:

    after the intro its all wrong otherwise your really talented i wish i could
    play that:) hi this is an edit its not all wrong

  4. ChloeM says:

    I like this version it’s not to complicated. Learned it quick in about a
    couple weeks not as clean as this yet(been playing since I was 6ish and I’m
    24 and 25 next month lol). No offense but I like Kyle Landry’s version
    better it’s more complicated piece.

  5. Chikara Ohori says:

    I’m a Japanese.
    Please allow, although I can’t speak English well.
    The arrangement of this music is wonderful. ^^
    I like it.
    Was “LET IT GO” that you are performing made from dictation?(“MIMIKOPI”in
    If it is Amazing true! (^o^)
    Please keep working hard.
    Your hand is beautiful. I think that I’m very good. ははは!

  6. Evča&Týna says:

    It’s very beautiful song.
    I play on keybord and i play this song with acords.
    I learnt this song with acords by two weeks!
    P.S. Sorry for my english I am Czech.

  7. Kamaluhe says:

    I love it! *-* I’m learning it now. Thank you very much. I hope to see this
    sheet in the page, soon. Do you have MIDI? 

  8. delgalessio says:

    what a relaxing cover :’) may i use it for the outro of a video i’m making?
    i’ll give credit to your channel for that

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