Someone sent me this tune a couple years ago. I finally got around to writing it down tonight. Apparently it’s from a doujinshi game (fan-made material based on established characters). The…

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Stride MARISA piano sheet music transcription
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4 thoughts on “Stride MARISA piano sheet music transcription

  1. DanmakufuBlargel says:

    It took me about half the song to realize it was an arrange of music from
    Super Marisa Land, haha. It was definitely interesting hearing your take on
    it. It might be interesting to note that the creators of Super Marisa Land
    also made a Megaman-style game with Marisa as well and had a stage that
    parodied Super Marisa Land with an arrange of the same song: Megamari Music
    – 21 – Patchouli Stage 3

  2. WormyLeWorm says:

    Touhou Project is a series of “danmaku” or “bullet hell” arcade shoot-em-up
    style games made by a single man, known as ZUN, and has a lot of great
    fan-made works with no fear of copyright prosecution. I think a lot of art
    should be more like that. I often find the original works and many fan
    works inspiring.

    I actually have this game along with the other officials but never bothered
    running it. Turns out I even have this track in a big collection of the
    game’s music and their various arrangements that I haven’t quite listened
    through…This piece may very well be an arrangement of an official track
    though nothing stands out as obvious to that to me at the moment. This
    series has a lot of very heavily arranged fan music.

    I learned a lot from reading this. Thanks for the hefty transcription work.
    Does your notation software not have an option to swing certain strings of
    note values, or was leaving this recording straight merely your choice?
    Maybe leave a ♫ = ♪.♪ (best I can do with a keyboard, I think) kind of
    thing at the beginning of the score for the unfamiliar.

    A 15 year old PC? Impressive.

  3. Eriol says:

    Never thought I’d see a piece from a doujin game from you, Keeper1st! And
    Super Marisa Land no less… Maybe I should have expected nice,
    lesser-known things ever since way back when you featured Nocturnal
    Illusion’s OST.
    The Touhou Project games actually have quite an eccentric composer in ZUN,
    the creator. The soundtracks tend to be as colorful as the games
    themselves. While they’re not ragtime and more influenced by classical and
    orchestral music, they’re worth a listen in my opinion.
    As always, great work in the transcription. Since you called it Stride
    MARISA, this should be the transcription from an arrangement of the
    original tune used in Super Marisa Land. The original for the game itself
    (Stage 1 theme) is composed by U2, the arrangement (Stride MARISA from Toho
    Jazz 2008) was made by Sound Holic, both notable Touhou doujin composers.
    You’d be amazed with the sheer quantity of derivative works, music
    included, that Touhou enjoys. I’ll definitely think of you if I hear
    anything that might be of your interest in style.

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