My cover of Eyes Open from the Hunger Games soundtrack. Download the track here! Download the notes and chords here…

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25 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Eyes Open Piano Instrumental Cover + NOTES & CHORDS

  1. Eugene Goh says:

    @pirateslovemovies Hey! Sure you can 🙂 Thanks for the support!! Looking
    forward to see your cover. 😀

  2. Zoryana Smozhanyk says:

    damn you people! anyone i check has a a perfectly tuned piano, which
    produces beautiful sounds, and half the keys on my piano produce the same
    gruesome sound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Amir Omidi says:

    This is frekin awesome! May I use this song in a video i’m making for a
    server that is hunger games? I will mention your channel in the
    description. Thanks

  4. Jennifer says:

    Of course I enjoyed, you play so good! Can I ask you a question, since how
    many times do you play piano? (sorry for my bad english, i’m french!) 🙂

  5. ImSoBadlyBroken says:

    you are awesome … would you mind me using this to sing to in a cover and
    i promise ill mention you?!

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