House / Dance remix of the main theme soundtrack for Skyrim I think its called dragonborn Hope you like it! Visit me on facebook and request more soundtracks…

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25 thoughts on “Skyrim Main Theme (Swanson Remix)

  1. Robert Swanson says:

    It was ok. I have heard better mixes, but not bad. My favorite part was the
    title because of who remixed it 😀

  2. Johnny Destus says:

    Oh, fuck. *Whiterun Guard mode ACTIVATE!* Another damn faker. Everyone
    knows that the Dragonborn’s name isn’t Dovahkiin Dragonborn. I agree with
    your comment, but this is outrageous. The only real YouTuber that is
    Dragonborn that I have seen is *name will be revised.* He isn’t being
    revealed so that damn fakers like you can’t go out, ask for his personal
    information, then give him trouble and call him the faker. Skyrim really
    needs to be cleaned, damn, liars, bandits, and thieves are everywhere.

  3. drone zero says:

    like it…)

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