There’s a version with better audio HERE I wasn’t going to go looking for the drum notations (sorry Jimmy Cobb), b…

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20 thoughts on “Animated Sheet Music: “So What” by Miles Davis

  1. DeWitt Clinton says:

    *Animated Sheet Music: “So What” by Miles Davis*

    Sharing this with myself so I can watch it later.

    Adding all of you, just because.

    Via Kottke.

  2. Ryan Campuspos says:

    Fascinating. Don’t know how to read sheet music? Or can, but want to follow
    along with one of the greatest jazz tunes of all time? Check out this
    animated sheet music video.

  3. Manuel Angel says:

    For those who’ve always wanted to learn how to read sheet music, Dan Cohen
    took his sheet music and animated it to an old classic. Focusing on the
    manifestation of each note, this animated film gives those who dont’t know
    or do know, the ability to read sheet music as it plays on. Kudos Sir,
    Kudos indeed.

  4. Paul Coffey says:

    I’ve just started learning to read music, and to play the piano. I might
    even do something band-like with fellow Googlers. I just saw this animated
    sheet music on YT. Do you think this could replace my Grade 1 theory book?!

  5. Chris Hathaway says:

    For +Scott Allan. You can find more if you search for Animated Sheet music
    on Youtube. If you don’t have time for the full video, start around the 3
    minute mark

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