This video explains how you can know which specific note you are playing on the guitar or piano. This is an important step to improving your overall playing …

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25 thoughts on “How to Find Notes on Guitar and Piano – (Matt McCoy)

  1. Acoustic Selection says:

    you haven’t heard? B# is the new “C” note! haha thanks…i’ll put up an
    annotation now.

  2. Vennuch83 says:

    You are the best!!! God bless you!!!! 🙂 btw, my channel is vennuch83 but i
    didnt download the videos that you are looking for there :/ let me know if
    you still have problems to see them and i will downloaded for you

  3. andymee20 says:

    I’m more excited by the changes you’re making in the next few weeks than
    you. I’ve been worshipping with my guitar for ten months now and virtually
    all the skills have come from your videos. I’ve just bought a better guitar
    and am just putting together my own worship guitar blog. I owe a lot to
    your ministry 🙂

  4. MrTazthebomb says:

    Thanks Matt! I am learning the guitar and your channel helps me a lot. I
    love your channel.

  5. Acoustic Selection says:

    that’s great to hear brother….let me know the link to your guitar
    blog…that’s awesome!


    @BlessedKels Do you have a guitar center close by? They have soft cases
    that will fit pretty much any size acoustic for around 20$

  7. Acoustic Selection says:

    yeah i agree with one of the other comments. I would recommend you go to a
    local guitar store and let them see your guitar and tell you if the case
    will work or not. I’d be afraid to tell you yes or no on a case online
    because they are all so different on the inside and outside. Sorry I can’t
    help more. Just try and find a local guitar shop and take your guitar in
    for them to see is what I would recommend. Good luck!

  8. Acoustic Selection says:

    praise the Lord brother! you da man! thanks for sharing just gave
    me some gas in the tank to keep pushing on for the Lord. Have a blessed day!

  9. 116pwnnoobs says:

    This helped me so much. Thanks for explaining many ppl have tried
    to show this to me but you broke it down! keep lovin Jesus!

  10. Acoustic Selection says:

    that’s what I love to hear! thanks so much for the encouraging
    feedback…glad I could help.

  11. Frenchy Bunny says:

    Thank you for making this fun and interesting! I never learnt it before
    because my teachers were so boring and it seemed so strict and useless. But
    with you, it seems so easy. Amazing!! Thank you, Matt McCoy!! – pascal 🙂

  12. Acoustic Selection says:

    awesome! Thanks for the encouraging words! Glad i could help….guarantee
    you’ll be jamming in no time!

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