“Sons of Skyrim”, written by Jeremy Soule, arranged for piano by me. Sheet Music PDF (mediafire): http://www.mediafire.com/?4k5ox7ca5eqgcau MIDI file: http:/…

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25 thoughts on “Skyrim Main Theme Piano Cover (With sheet music)

  1. James Hender says:

    is this possible on violin, the bass part im trying but i figured that the
    bass is backwards in strings as a violin (so E,A,D,G is the order from high
    to low on a violin but its G,D,A,E from high to low)

  2. cbh09c says:

    @TonightWeAllDie ouch…this is not a beginners song lol. You may actually
    learn it faster if you start by learning basic things like your scales and
    chords and some easier pieces first! Good luck though!

  3. nero1988 says:

    I have one question, do you play part 0:55 to 1:38 with ped. ? Because in
    sheet there is ped. but it don’t sound like your version :/

  4. TheSrdic says:

    I just gave this go.. Not having played for 7 years (I was planning to try
    and start again this week anyway) didn’t really help though..!

  5. MatthewA953 says:

    One of my mates asked me to learn this song as he really loves skyrim (well
    so do I tbf), and I’ve been listening to different variants on this song
    and yours is by far the best! It is quite different to a lot of other
    peoples versions of it, but the varied tempos and dynamics involved make
    this song a lot different and better! Hopefully I’ll have learned this song
    to keep my friend happy in the near future! 🙂

  6. Earie content for the viewers says:

    im trying to lern this in 2 weaks and I have a visual mermory problem. fml

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