How to read piano notes? This sight reading exercise will help you jump start on music reading fast. To learn how to read musical notes and piano sheet music…

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15 thoughts on “Piano Sight Reading Exercises for Beginners

  1. sashauror88 says:

    it’s a bit confusing to spontaneously read 4 bars of the sheet for 2
    minutes without pressing the tuts. sure needs a lot of practice.

  2. pianomother says:

    @blindtangent, it’s the Mastering the Art of Piano Sight Reading,
    sightreadingtips . com -Amy of PianoMother

  3. Roxxar Tn says:

    a good way to practice sight reading. first focus on getting the rhythm
    accurate, not caring about accuracy of notes. Then you try to get note
    correct once you get a hang of the rhythm. Another tip before playing, is
    to long at measures where you think you may screw up, for those parts
    imagine yourself playing and remembering the intervals between notes. Last
    tip, is too look for patterns before playing, like which measure have the
    same note sequence.

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