Everything Is AWESOME LYRICS SHEET MUSIC Synthesia Tutorial Piano Cover – The Lego Movie Song 2014 MIDI FILE: http://www.blockpainter.com/midi-files/everythi…

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22 thoughts on “Everything Is AWESOME LYRICS SHEET MUSIC Synthesia Tutorial – The Lego Movie Song

  1. Savannah Pearsall says:

    Is the little sign (like what the treble clef has after it) after the Bass
    sign at all whatsoever throughout the entire song?

  2. Noah Morrison says:

    Love it!! Would love to get the sheet music for my son. Everything I find
    in sheet music form is more complicated than this awesome version! Could
    you post the sheet music? Or do you know how I can take what you did post
    and put it on a sheet music page? Thank you!!!

  3. Noah Morrison says:

    Hi there, I keep checking back. Any luck on sheet music? My son is
    struggling through another version and it is not going well. This version
    would be much better for him :-)

  4. 2005ful says:

    THX U THX U THX U!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tfdjgjdgfgjfh (translation: Awesome!!!!!!!!)
    I am sssssooooo happy!

  5. Ruby Pages says:

    You know, what’s really sad is that I played piano for 5 years, and the
    only thing I’m paying attention to in this video is how the Left-handed
    notes all look like orange tic-tacs. 

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