from : This tutorial shows a great feature of Edison to convert WAV data into Piano Roll Notes.

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25 thoughts on “FL Studio – Edison WAV data to Piano Roll Notes

  1. Evan Cramer says:

    yea i cant get any of my songs from itunes so i found out limewire
    will….well i use it for songs not on itunes or for samples to put in
    edison cause u just load it and its in

  2. Mike Boyd says:

    aight nfx and other fl-fiends, i need to take piano roll data and convert
    it into .wav data to make my project less bulky!! when i loada project n
    its got a buncha instruments n various effects thrown into the mixer
    playing a complex series of notes, i think my comp cant handle loading all
    of em at once and the CPU usage goes to 99 and fl studio stops responding.
    i wanna convert to .wav files so its easier for my comp to handle!! please
    help homies

  3. Joseph D says:

    Thanks anytime, not just for this tut, but for Warbeats and nfxbeats. When
    i get to the top of the game i ma holla too.

  4. Martin Voitka says:

    Plz help. I want to get vocal ( singing ( acapella)) from mp3 i dont want
    music behind it just singing. how i do it? anyboddy?

  5. joh04667 says:

    @seleonikios yeah. with your ears. You can follow music theory to an
    extent, or even use fl studio’s ‘detect scale’ feature in the piano roll
    helper menu, but those are just guidelines. You have to create your own
    melody, for the most part. (also, follow the circle of fifths for help)

  6. Devin Hord says:

    This is a killer way to save money on buying a bass guitar. You can play
    your guitar, and again no chords, record w/ Edison and drop it in the
    channel with your fav vst bass plugin. I enjoy your channel, thanks.

  7. kingod615 says:

    does it work in fl7 because when i click in tools i dont even have that
    option its does have convert to mono? can you help me?

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