Thanks to all of you for all the comments and the views ! I really appreciate it ! Merci à tous pour toutes les vues et les commentaires ! J’apprécie beaucou…

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25 thoughts on “Skyrim Main Theme Orchestral Cover (Final version)

  1. ^NutcasE^ says:

    some like only oblivion only morrowind only skyrim…….but i love them
    all from arena to skyrim all have been succesful to give me the epic
    feeling of adventure

  2. Mr ECM Bradley says:

    This is one of my favorite pieces of music. I am sure you will appreciate
    the sounds. Enjoy!

  3. Spess Serperior says:

    I used to take arrows to the knee, but everything changed when the Fire
    Nation attacked.

  4. Dragonborn Dovahkiin says:

    I used to take maces to the face, then my girlfriend took my spear to her

  5. Doombringer88 says:

    I use Edirol Orchestral for strings and stuff, do you have experience with
    that? Would you say that Symphobia sounds better or more authentic than

  6. SaintCorp1 says:

    Джереми Соул написал музыку, но основа взята у Людовико Энауди!

  7. Dee Excess says:

    Salut mec, serait-il possible de te contacter pour un event dans lequel je
    suis impliqué. Je fais les voix pour annoncer les DJ ( les grosses voix
    graves ), et l’on aurait besoin de quelques pistes orchestrales pour çà :/
    Voilà si tu as ce message avant fin de semaine car l’event aura lieux le 16
    février ^^

  8. Nathan Parrett says:

    To do list:
    1) Travel back in time
    2) Go to the Viking Tribes
    3) Wearing shiny, god-like clothes, play this song from my time machine
    4) Go back to 2013 and enjoy the fact that the Vikings sang this song long
    before it was ever ‘invented’.

  9. Alex Como says:

    I don’t understand my problem with Word Builder. It Always skip the first
    [do] in “Dovakiin” so I try to set it to Staccato [>do], no change. Maybe
    I should use the PLAY version instead of KOMPAKT… I hate East West’s
    articulations, and VOXOS is very limited to do this job.

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