Sign up for FREE piano lessons at: . Learn how to count eighth notes in this piano lesson with Nate Bosch! Counting 8th notes on …

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21 thoughts on “Counting 8th Notes – Fun Piano Theory Lessons

  1. Darnell Major says:

    @mafiascaglione049 thank-you because Im a beginner despite the Youtube name
    I but I would like to do what my name says which is produce music/audio and
    I need to learn the piano in order to do so.

  2. kpopluva25 says:

    okay but how do i count just one eighth note just one…. cause isn’t he
    doing 8 8th notes??? i’m so lost i didn’t take class in this so helpp plz

  3. Greater419 says:

    Well for a person who is not a natural at it (no offense and I mean it) it
    could be very hard, but sometimes it can come really easy to other people.

  4. Kyle Boozer says:

    1 whole note is 2 half notes 2 half notes is 4 quarter notes 4 quarter
    notes is 8 eighth notes

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