Hungarian Rhapsody #2 as played by the brilliant Marc-Andre Hamelin. Yes, I have the Cadenza sheet music, in part 2.

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25 thoughts on “Hungarian Rhapsody #2 with Sheet Music (Hamelin) [1/2]

  1. DrewOchsner says:

    As I’m watching this I can hear that Hamelin has observed every single
    expression and dynamic marking in the piece. What an incredible
    performance! I’ve yet to hear better anywhere, and Ive looked hard.

  2. Lukecash12 says:

    @chickenringNYC I don’t know about that. You see, I teach music, and the
    community itself isn’t all that far gone. This is just youtube, after all,
    not a college. The art of music is alive and well in terms of recitals.

  3. Marieange Vanderroost says:

    Luminus, c’est sur quelle chaine de télévision cette émission que j’ai déjà
    vue mais je ne sais plus où et c’est vrai que cette émission est excellente!

  4. NintendoAndMusic1205 says:

    Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Chopin and now I’m in like the Liszt section. I’m
    lovin all of these so far. Where to next?………….Oh! Saint-Saens.

  5. Joseph King says:

    Yea, the C minor version is an “easier” version. I had that problem too,
    except mine was made TOO easy. It was a little upsetting, utnil I finally
    found an original copy.

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