Links for Sheet Music Below: Sheet Music for: Saxophones/Bari Sax, Flute/Clarinet, Trumpet/Trombone, Piano, and Drums. I have Included links for Audio files,…

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5 thoughts on “Shake It Off (T.Swift) Sheet Music – Duet + Drums

  1. SheetMusicWizard says:

    Here is a duet version + drums of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”. This was
    requested by one of my subscribers, so if anyone has requests please let me
    know 🙂 (I’m always looking for ideas)

  2. Fod Woggler says:

    Sorry mate but this was written without the bari sax in mind. The range is
    not that low. I’m just going to assume you have no idea of how to write for

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