Download “Need You Right Now” by Betany Mota : ▻Listen on Spotify: Hey Guys, First of all I want to say congrats…

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24 thoughts on “Bethany Mota – Need You Right Now (Official Music Video) – Piano Cover by Corey Gray

  1. Ashlee Marie says:

    I wasn’t the biggest fan of the original…but ur cover is really good!! I
    really wanna hear U sing just the way you are by Bruno mars :)

  2. PollyMamedePsi says:

    I really hate this song in Bethany’s voice, but you made me like it… you
    can do miracles. Lovely as usual. 

  3. Guadalupe Jazmín Vila Guillén says:

    And suddenly he just opens his mouth and world becomes a better place to
    live in.

  4. Alberto Brandt says:

    Still don’t think there is a cover of yours that I haven’t liked. All your
    covers are great! Keep up the great work! :)

  5. 91clarie says:

    Bethany Mota? Isn’t she like one of those make up girls?? At least her name
    sounds kinda familiar in that context (I’m sorry if this sounds weird but
    she isn’t super famous here in Europe) do all successful YouTubers
    start singing now, no matter why they became famous in the first place?^^
    Anyway you’re AMAZING Corey, as always!! You could just sing random words I
    would still enjoy it:)

  6. Mike Tang says:

    Do I love it or hate it? I love it! This stripped down version of the
    original gives it so much more meaning and emotion.

  7. Ash Avila says:

    Corey, your absolutely so incredibly talented, you have an amazing voice!
    Your an awesome singer and I know you’ll make it big one day! Don’t give
    up! Lots of love! -Ash

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