Notes: D D E D G F#. D D E D A G D D D B G F# C C B G A G. easy tutorial on how to play the very well known song “Happy Birthday”. Sorry about the sound, I k…

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10 thoughts on “How to play Happy Birthday on piano (Notes in description)

  1. firegirl560 says:

    Thanks for making this video because i take piano lessons at perry piano
    and we have this thing called showcase and share every month. We have to
    play a piece that the class to guess what it is. i chose this song

  2. Angelica Moraga says:

    shortest piano tutorial ever p.s. i had a yamaha but i got a Casio cause
    it’s louder i use when I’ve mastered a song and i want everyone to hear !!!

  3. Prasad Rajaraman says:

    I am learning to play Happy Birthday song from your video to play on my
    friends birthday which is tomorrow. Thanks..It is easy and helpful.

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