Piano for Beginners – How to Learn any Pop Song on the Piano in 5 Minutes (Even if you’ve never touched a piano!) http://PianoIn21Days.com – The Fastest Way to Learn Piano, Guaranteed Are…

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19 thoughts on “Piano for Beginners – How to Learn any Pop Song on the Piano in 5 Minutes

  1. Morgan Freemorg says:

    Nice, but parts of the audio when you are talking has some kind of
    modulation or filter sound to it. , it is really annoying, but great video

  2. pingpong220 says:

    Very surprised how much you managed to cover in 5 minutes. Good job making
    it look easy and perfect for beginners.

  3. Dany Haddad says:

    awesome video. I’ve been seriously considering attempting to learn piano
    for a while now, but it always seemed so daunting. this made is seem much
    simpler than I previously imagined. thank you!

  4. Robert Gunning says:

    5:18 If you’ll look into the top left, we can see you up the audio lol.
    Very nice video; you covered a lot in only 5 minutes. 

  5. Jehu Pitchfork says:

    I can’t believe one of these quick how to’s for learning is actually
    legitimate. For the kind of information you get in this 5 minutes to what
    you are capable of doing with that information is amazing.

  6. Alanj2007 Games says:

    This is really awesome tutorial for beginning, short, simple and helpful!
    Never played with piano before nor any other instrumental but this really
    inspires me to try one soon!

  7. Piano In 21 Days says:

    Have you always wanted to learn how to play the piano? Try this quick and
    easy method!

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