Sadie is a 6-year-old German Shepherd/Border Collie cross who was adopted from an animal shelter in 2009. She loves learning new tricks and recently learned to play the piano. Watch as she…

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10 thoughts on “Rescue dog turns on piano and plays it

  1. Silentz0r says:

    I think I saw this before with its original title: “Tryhard dog owner
    spends 6 years teaching stray dog to play the piano for a chance at a viral
    youtube video.”

  2. De Bean says:

    She looks a lot like my 3 yr old female I adopted from a shelter, as well.
    My first shepherd-collie mix passed away 1-1/2 yrs ago. She was a very
    smart, intuitive dog. She was with me for 13 years, and was also a shelter
    adoptee. This mixture makes for the very best of dogs. 

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