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25 thoughts on ““Elastic Heart” by Sia – Christina Grimmie (piano cover)

  1. Eduardo Freitas says:

    O zero dislikes like it deserves! Seriously I had an ear and brain orgasm
    for every perfect high note, which were all of them!

  2. Zaydy 3 says:

    Hey Christina I’ve been waiting all day for this vid to come, I wanted to
    ask you would it be okay if I sang one of your original songs on a talent
    show eg the voice or X factor or Americas got talent cos you are my
    inspiration! I was thinking about with love but I think feeling good might
    be better? Thanks you RAWK \|/

  3. Hannah Oh says:

    knowing that trevor moran is in first place is enough motivation for me to
    vote 50 times in approximately 2 minutes

  4. Jay Arriola says:

    not lying. it only took 3 minutes to vote 50 times. just did it while
    listening to this cover LOL

  5. dillpikell says:

    Christina got third place on The Voice, Trevor didn’t even make it to Boot
    Camp on X Factor, just saying.

  6. XDanielC33 says:

    You should record with two microphones one closer to your mouth and one
    closer to the camera. Compare the high note recorded with the microphone to
    the ones when she’s recording with the camera’s microphone.
    I think she doesn’t want to get to loud and cause distorsion/clipping on
    the mic so she closes her throat a bit so it’s not as loud but it’s more
    tense. When she’s using a microphone far apart from her, she opens her
    throat much more and her voice sounds much better since she gets loud
    enough to resonate in the upper register.
    Great cover and I’m votting everyday on the webpage, she deserves it more
    than enyone :)

  7. Kellye Borrego says:

    I have loved this girl forever, but her relevance has been lost. I know
    people with half as many subscribers who get more views… you’re gonna
    have to work really hard with no record deal if you want to make it. Put
    the video games down and get to work.

  8. Karmen Onespot says:

    you are beautiful girl and very talented, jealous but all I could do
    is stare at your nose lol sorry no hate :)

  9. Cjutie93 says:

    you should have sing this!!! I hate the version of Sia. In my opinion she
    cannot sing. I also hate “chandelier” she is just moaning like a husky.
    You’re notes are just perfectly. Sia didnt deserve earning money with this.
    Give the millions of $ to christina!

  10. starbucks.or.nah says:

    I love this! Elastic Heart is my favorite song and your cover honestly
    sounds better! ilysm Christina

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