This is my arrangement of TryHardNinja’s song “Take Back the Night”, popularized through the animation posted on CaptainSparklez’s channel. It is intended to…

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25 thoughts on “Minecraft – Take Back the Night – TryHardNinja – Piano/Synthesia/Sheet Music/Tutorial/How To

  1. Dragon Lvr says:

    The actual song with lyrics make you dance……. This version makes your
    heart dance….. Beautiful on piano.

  2. Exyis Eyres says:

    Lol i almost hit the like button twice, and i usually don”t hit the like
    button once on videos, that really says something about your video dude,
    thumbs up

  3. Samuel Palmore says:

    I played this song at the talent show for my school but i came and 2nd pace
    cause a pretty girl could sing pretty so it ok she did her thing so iam not
    mad : ) you go girl also hi people !!!!!!!! :D

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