Thanks to my friend Cameron (Just2smooth4u) for holding the camera the whole time! This is probably the one video that has been requested by a huge amount of…

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25 thoughts on “Piano Tutorial: Dragonborn (Skyrim Main Theme)

  1. TheLunarVaux says:

    Have you heard the skyrim theme though? And the Oblivion theme? The
    “Morrowind” theme you speak of actually has become the theme for the elder
    scrolls as a series.

  2. Gonçalo Cunha says:

    ur song does not match the real son. the parts are qell played but they’re
    not in the correct order

  3. Michelle Grün says:

    Do you guys know, where i can find any sheets of this song ( i know that he
    has no sheets at the moment ) PLEASE

  4. FracturedFear says:

    So it was all really easy for me up until 14:20 — I feel like he rushed
    through the video too much. I’m still having a hard time putting the left
    hand and the right hand together. He just says “You can go back and watch
    that if you have to.” which isn’t very helpful because then I’m watching it
    again but it’s fast-paced so it’s hard to see what he’s doing. ugghhhhhhhh
    but i love the tutorial besides that

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