Learn to Play Piano Course Lesson 4: The DIY Course to learn piano for beginners. Reading treble clef/bass clef notes and finding them on the keyboard are co…

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23 thoughts on “Learn to play piano – lesson 4: Piano lessons for beginners.Treble and Bass clef notes on the piano

  1. Michael Saeteurn says:

    Thanks for your videos!! i appreciate the time and skill you put into these

  2. kilotr says:

    Thank you so much for these lessons, little by little everything is coming
    together. One humble suggestion, make an annotation with a link to the next
    lesson close to the end of each video. For example on this video the
    annotation should appear around 11:53 when you start to wrap up the lesson.
    Once again, thank you for the lessons, they’re so clear.

  3. Tara Oster says:

    This is very helpful! Just starting out. Is there anywhere I could
    download/print ‘flash cards’ like you’re using? Having random notes to name
    and play would help me practice. 

  4. CLRaider says:

    im sorry but for some reason my brain does not want to process this. i am
    kind of confuse with the letter like “g” and “a” being far away from middle
    “c”. i tend to overthink alot.

  5. TheRealXesc says:

    I’ve watched all these from the very start, and I am excited about watching
    the remaining videos. I always wanted to learn to play the piano, and now,
    at age 40, it’s about time to do something about it. I got a Yamaha Piano
    for Christmas 🙂
    One comment : For pedagogical reasons, shouldn’t you have used your left
    hand to hit the keys in the bass cleff? ;-)

  6. Musicalyssa515 says:

    it’s always been a dream to learn to play the piano but we can’t afford
    piano lessons for me:(
    i got a yamaha keyboard though for christmas and im super excited but i
    really need to learn how to play and your videos are helping me out a LOT!
    I never ever thought i’d learn to play:(
    but im only 14, so you know:P
    but thank you soooo much!

  7. Ja Cee says:

    i’m on the edge of my sit while watching.. great video ,, think i need to
    buy keyboard this week.. thanks for your help!!!! keep it up dude!!

  8. Parth Mehta says:

    Hey this is too good….I just have 1 doubt about middle keys and
    right/left keys like when to press middle keys and right/left keys…
    Sometimes you are pressing in middle and sometimes in side… I am confused
    in that…

  9. Bob Jones says:

    Thank you very much because you really go the right pace and that you make
    it understandable. I really appreciate it. Thanks :)

  10. Osirise81 says:

    Some things are obvious, but at least you get practice and mainly: You
    don´t have to ask – that is quite good, because video is usually not too
    much interactive – responsive. Thanx a lot!!!! I tried to read some piano
    book and quite often I get stuck, never happened to me here!

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