The epic theme you hear at the main menu.

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25 thoughts on “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Main Menu Theme

  1. Mr Awesome says:

    I took my beats by Dr. Dre plugged them in, put max vol. clicked play, 3:58
    min later, i am a new man.

  2. deathroll20 says:

    @Auralise26 i had one as well but i took Skyrim to PC…i now have a second
    life with an arrow in my knee.

  3. Katie Spoon says:

    @avgnman72 Nope…someone found a clear picture of Alduin’s Wall and that
    someone can read and write Skyrim Draconic. D-d-d-deal with it.

  4. German Glusgold says:

    Nice song choice for main menu. Makes Skyrim unique. I am looking for a
    redguard woman in whiterun, but I don’t have any clue as to where she is.
    Help is appreciated.

  5. connell griggs says:

    Instead of taking an arrow to the knee….. this guy took an arrow to the
    face 😐
    >)O_O)> <—————-<<

  6. Ciuperca Petru says:

    I still think that morrowind’s music theme is the best, not as “tough” but
    full of memories

  7. Titan Ares says:

    Jake Imus that are not the lyrics i think it is:” Dovakiin Dovakiin, for
    the lands we shall win…

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