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25 thoughts on “How To Read Guitar Sheet Music – Guitar Lessons

  1. kratex1 says:

    @BreakingDawnEdward The intricate symbol you see at the beginning of the
    Sheet. For example, The symbol that looks sorta like this ( & ).

  2. Thomas Aspholm says:

    @BreakingDawnEdward doesn’t matter, just the note has to be in the same
    octave on the guitar as on the sheet

  3. fishguru73 says:

    @GoldenWolf2456 I do play guitar but Hizokuto gave a better explanation
    than I did because the octave of a note can also be found within the staff.

  4. daberko120ch says:

    FACE… Man! That is a much easier method than: Funny Asian Children
    Excersize, this helps me much more!

  5. JamEZmusic says:

    @iRant4u its easy with a lil dedication, start out simple. before you know
    it you can whizz along with sheet notation, takes a couple of years of
    regular playing to read “really” well though

  6. Jacob Stewart says:

    If you are looking for actual instruction in reading sheet music for guitar
    specifically, check out Fred Hamilton’s book Melodic Studies & Composition
    for Guitar: A Reading Workout for the Serious Musician. Also check out
    Frederick M. Noad’s book Solo Guitar Playing. Both start you off easy and
    help you get aquainted with reading for different areas of the neck.

  7. byrneiv says:

    That’s wrong, actually. The open E string is an octave below the E at the
    7th fret on the A string; these notes would be notated at different points
    on the staff. eg. the open E would be below the staff, the E at the 7th
    fret on the A string would be the lowest line on the staff, and the E at
    the 9th fret on the G string would be the final space at the top of the

  8. bunchacrapbunchashit says:

    I guess the author didn’t realize that the rules sate that all “how to”
    videos must be custom made just to suit your requirements.

  9. Adrianna Marchese says:

    Hold on everybody chill the fuck out, he said heres the BASICS. I never
    paid attention when I was younger so this helps a lot ok

  10. slender. man says:

    im not in fact. sure, having the ability to play music purely from ear is
    an incerdibly useful skill, and im not denying it is one thousand times
    better than reading. but i were to sit you down in a full band right now,
    put some music in front of your face and say “play this with the band” what
    would you do? im not trying to start an internet argument with you, i have
    better things to do than that. im just saying: knowledge is power

  11. ryguy2598 says:

    How do you know that it’s that F and not the F an octave higher or lower?
    How does the staff indicate that it’s F in that specific pitch?

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