Letter Notes: G G G C C C C C D E F D E -(on the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me) F G A F E C D C -(a partridge in a pear tree) G D E F -(2 turtle doves) G D E…

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8 thoughts on “12 Days Of Christmas | Easy Christmas Piano Tutorial (With Notes)

  1. Paige Holmes says:

    Thank u so music teacher is shocked by how many songs I know u have helped
    me for a bit of time now

  2. Maria Angel says:

    Hi mint music! I don’t really know how to play the piano well, but the
    video you made (silent night) was easy learn and since you’re a great
    teacher I would love if you did a piano tutorial of all of the stars-Ed
    Sheeran thnx. 

  3. Tiziano FerroFan says:

    Your tutorials helped me so much. Thanks!
    Can you play a song of Tiziano Ferro? He is one of the greatest and the
    most famous Italian songwriter :)

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