Learn how to play “Mad World” by Gary Jules! Click here for PART 2 and start your FREE TRIAL today! http://bit.ly/1vbS36V SUBSCRIBE HERE for more of our Famo…

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25 thoughts on “How To Play “Mad World” by Gary Jules | HDpiano (Part 1) Piano Tutorial

  1. Joshua Taylor says:

    phil your teaching style is perfect! slow it down a bit more, make the same
    content and take about 4 mins longer leave room and time for practice in
    between teaching sections! you are a God send! 

  2. ayeitsbmo says:

    where’s the part where you play to “and I find it kind of funny, I find it
    kind of sad” ? i can’t find it. or, if I’m getting it wrong, what part do
    you play for that part?

  3. Sara P says:

    Really great tutorial, I don’t have much skills in piano but now I can play
    this entire intro! Thanks a lot! 

  4. alex creilson says:

    awesome tutorial and excellent explanations. it’s great to have such detail
    when learning a new piece with suggestions like how you’re placing your
    hand. subscribed :)

  5. dan g says:

    this is awesome, I don’t really know the notes but the positions I got for
    the hands, its addictive, it does take time to practice but im getting the
    intro, at first it seemed impossible fo me to play this. now after about an
    hour on my keyboard I can play it(but choppy with the smoothness of
    playing.) I still need to practice but I love it.

  6. Juan Rocha says:

    can you please make a tutorial on how to play “Give me love” by Ed Sheeran
    (: that would be great if you can

  7. Brittania holman says:

    can u please teache broken road by rascal flats i want to play something my
    dad will actually wont get bored thnx

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