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25 thoughts on “Hans Zimmer/James Newton Howard – Batman Begins – Corynorhinus – piano cover

  1. eatmarth says:

    what is that art in the background? also did you stop putting the timer in
    the background because you aren’t doing faster rock/metal songs?

  2. MikroMatique says:

    I follow your cover music since a very long time Vika… I’m a big fan of
    soundtracks and filmmusic and I was touched so much by your old cover of
    Hans Zimmer’s “Last Samurai” And now I was listening to this one here and
    I’m really speechless! You involved of course every detail of this
    orchestral master piece from Hans…so touching, moving and also dramatic
    and dark! Wow… I think it’s really difficult to play the staccato theme
    with hands on piano, but you make it like it’s easy 🙂 You are so awesome
    Vika! Please share some more filmmusic cover with us in the future!

    Best wishes and greetings from germany… Sandro

  3. David Hetz says:

    Vika do you also write your own music? Because if you make such perfect
    covers I’m sure your own music would sound amazing too. I would buy it
    without even hearing it before! Thank you for sharing your gift with us!

  4. Classical Jams - Passionate Piano says:

    A wonderful arrangement of this powerful film score. Your performance is
    incredibly powerful and passionate!! Take care, ~Jackie

  5. Rock Rulz says:

    Different than your usual style, but really great! It is actually
    refreshing to see you attack different genres of music. Best, -Rock

  6. Jack Kehoe says:


    I hope this great emotional performance,
    is a performance.

    But if it is not and a heavy heart is who played this so well…
    then hopefully playing with such emotion releases some weights from your
    and frees the best, to feel her best.

    If your music’s lightening effects could reflect back from all us who
    listen …

    Vika, you would be dancing on air.

    Spasybi za podil.

  7. Александр Ермольев says:

    Медленная, спокойная, завораживающая мелодия и яркое, мощное окончание.
    Исполнение, впрочем, как и всегда, безукоризненное. Поздравляю!

  8. Daria Kovalenko says:

    Очень красиво, сильно и нежно, вы большая молодец) 

  9. ChEhA6 says:

    One of the most talented players I’ve seen. Such passion and love for the
    music. I’m a great fan of what you’re doing. Amazing.

  10. misterdubsteppa says:

    Awesome Arrangement and awesome piano skills…. as always 😀
    Just one question:
    Will you put this arrangement to the other arrangements, which we can buy
    on your website?

  11. samcroniermusic says:

    Can you please do the Shawshank Redemption theme? The one that’s played at
    the end credits of the movie? 

  12. Eric K says:

    While I can’t stand anything by the rip off artist, Hans Zimmer or his
    cronies, I absolutely love hearing you play! You show that music becomes
    whatever you want it to be, no matter what instrument you play! 

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