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24 thoughts on “How to Play “Not About Angels” by Birdy – Piano Cover and Tutorial

  1. Hai, I'm Annika! says:

    I almost cried that was so beautiful.
    I can’t say “Thank you” enough for this video!

  2. Daniel Campo Montoro says:

    Please please please can you make “when the darkness comes” by colbie
    calliat ? it’s very beautiful.

  3. Hopeless Wanderer says:

    What are the chances you would be willing to make sheet music for this? I
    know in your description you said you won’t, I just can’t find anything
    else online and your version is so beautiful but learning off videos is
    difficult for me. If not that is totally understandable! Just thought I
    might ask.

  4. Sara Thompson says:

    If you ever have any chance to make sheets please do! I understand if
    you’re busy but this is the prettiest arrangement of the song, and my
    favorite of all the ones I’ve found. If its too much, don’t stress, but I
    would love it if you could make sheet music. Thanks!

  5. Ayden Richter says:

    This helped sooooo much!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! I love this
    tutorial!!! THAAANK YOOUU!!!

  6. Theodora Fischer says:

    OMG this is so amazing perfect, and just awww so flawless, couldn’t
    describe it. Pleeeeeeaaase make piano sheets for it, because I wanna play
    it, and I would love to make it Like you❤

  7. Niru N says:

    I really love how you showed this! Normally with tutorial vids they’re on a
    real piano with an odd camera angle and that makes it really hard to follow
    for me, as a person not very advanced with piano. I really wanted to play
    this though, so thanks a lot!

  8. Alyssa White says:

    Can you please please pleeease do a vid on prelude for time feelers I want
    to learn it sooo bad it’s such a beautiful song 

  9. Miranda Mansell says:

    can you make sheet music for this song? Your cover of it is absolutely
    gorgeous and I want to learn it exactly the way you are playing it here!

  10. Hazelet C says:

    I loved thos video so much thank u. Im going to do a cover with thismusic
    so thansk So So much for it again. When doing the vodeo i will definetley
    mention u amd give u a shootout 

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