How to Play “Georgia On My Mind” on Piano In this video, Scott Houston and his guest, Bobby Floyd, show you how to play “Georgia on My Mind”…

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24 thoughts on “How to Play “Georgia On My Mind” on Piano

  1. gregsbest says:

    Thank you for getting a pro to play this, one who really knows the piano
    and this piece. Now subscribed ! And inspired ! Thanks Scott and Bobby…

    One comment Scott- let your guest finish their comments before
    interrupting. Bobby had a number of interesting comments started before you
    cut in.
    But love your enthusiasm though. !

  2. obscure323 says:

    So how long will it take me to get to his level if I only know how to play
    “Mary Had a Little Lamb” so far?

  3. Pansy Small says:

    I think for on one of your videos you should a a segment on john legends
    song all of me.

  4. Timmy Chan says:

    woahh boy that shit sound good as hell.. im over here layin on the couch
    like sheyitttt my soulll lol. i feel them notes in my tummmy.. im a 90s
    baby too.. i appreciate this old school shit! 

  5. Germanklaus 123 says:

    What’s that chromating thing he does at 12:20? Is that a turnaround or
    something? And why does he sometimes do that stride with the tenths in the

  6. W.D. Grissom says:

    The song was written by Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart Gorrell, in 1930, the
    year Ray Charles was born.

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