Another beautiful track by the unstoppable Tristam and Braken. It’s always a pleasure to make arrangements of their songs because the tracks themselves are always very musical and well…just…

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25 thoughts on “Tristam & Braken – Far Away (Jonah Wei-Haas Piano Cover)

  1. 1998MNG says:

    This is absolutely amazing. Jonah, all of the videos you make, I can tell,
    you make with passion and I can’t explain how happy that makes me. Keep
    doing awesome things!

  2. MrCommentRates says:

    Beautiful! Been waiting for this since the release of the song, and I
    would’ve waited even longer if I knew it would be this great. How many
    subscribers till sheets? :)

  3. Absolutik' s says:

    Wow I love it as always !! I just want to say you’re my favorite piano
    player ! You’re so amazing ! And you do all just by ear ??!

  4. fijozico says:

    Damn man, you amaze me every single time with these! Nice job as always
    Jonah, hope you can get much much bigger

  5. Hemm says:

    i wish i had some of your talent, just a tiny bit of it
    keep them coming, they are great 🙂

    would love to hear your cover of tristam’s “my friend” or hellberg’s “the

  6. Consty Guerrero says:

    Tenes talento. Muchisimo. No sé si soy la única de Argentina que te sigue,
    pero ya tenes una fan de Argentina jajaaj 🙂 

  7. jweihaas says:

    Thanks for the support y’all. You can download the sheet music for my
    arrangement for FREE. Link in the description. ;D

  8. 9axl9 says:

    Dude, you are my role model (if it is wrong, “Vorbild” in german^^) and I
    played to the stars on my last music school concert and they were all very
    Impressed by that ^^
    In two Months I will play your cover of my heart on a concert, hope it will
    achieve such a big applause like the other one 🙂
    P.S. I’ve also won a competition with to the stars ;)

  9. Jaggi says:

    Wow, another great piece Jonah, I’ve never commented on your videos and now
    I just want to say, keep up the amazing work and I hope you grow much
    bigger on Youtube in the future. Stay awesome. :)

  10. Faxe Dunlap says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the sheet music and download, Jonah. My
    favorite YT channel for sure. ;D

  11. Taylor Anderson says:

    Omg thankyou so much for covering this it is my favorite song you probably
    the most awesomest person ever! Also thank you for this youtube channel.
    And thank you for the amazing piano music. This is the best birthday
    present ever lol I’m a year older today so is my dad. In my past year I’ve
    been struggling a lot and my only escape was music from the minute I wake
    up to the moment I sleep music has been there. It takes me far away (pun
    intended) from all those who mistreat me or treat me less like a human
    especially people at school. I have lost all my friends haven’t had one as
    a matter of fact in 7 years but yesterday for the first time I got to hang
    out with friends who didn’t call me names or ditch me . Sorry about all
    that I got carried away… I just wanted to thank you for all the awesome
    content. Your amazing btw I’m 14 now.

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