Learn how to play “From God’s Perspective” by Bo Burnham on piano. This song is from his comedy special called “what.” It’s available on Netflix. Hope this helped in some way! 🙂 How To Play…

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25 thoughts on “How To Play: “From God’s Perspective” – Bo Burnham On Piano (Piano Tutorial)

  1. Desinormant says:

    Sorry for those who thought it was hard to follow, i will probably redo
    this tutorial in a different video. For those of you who have suggested
    different songs by Bo Burnham, I am currently learning, “Sad” and “#Deep”
    so expect a tutorial of those songs soon as well. I’ll also cover all the
    songs in a separate video too!

  2. Christopher Stone says:

    Learning this over the weekend, thanks for the tutorial man! I’ll post a
    cover if I’m successful in learning from the video.

  3. mesunnyjane says:

    Please do a full version! I’m so glad you’ve made these tutorials for songs
    from “what.” – so helpful!

  4. w7rossy7w says:

    I really appreciate that you took time to make this tutorial. Even though
    you were kinda rushed, I still managed to figure out the notes, but I
    really hope you’ll make a new tutorial with the full song. Also, it would
    be great if you could make sure that what you play is in the frame, because
    you played some things on the left hand that could not be seen completly. I
    love this song and I can’t wait to be able to play all of it :D

  5. Molly Keaveney says:

    Did you learn this by ear or did you find the sheet music somewhere? I’m
    going to try and write the notes as I watch your tutorial but if anyone
    does know where I can find sheet music that would be amazing

  6. steezenuggets says:

    So you ever gonna re-do this tutorial? It would really help if you went
    through it slower. Plus I think your the best person to do it. :)

  7. anthony teeslink says:

    I only got a minute and half in and I am already confused… Slow down man

  8. wpc2600 says:

    Redo this tutorial and make it much easier you dont explain at all how to
    do it at the beginning and it is very frustrating 

  9. The44thLeviathan says:

    Just saying, as a suggestion for going back through the tutorial, I would
    suggest putting the keys at the top. IE: If you’re playing the chord, put
    all keys for the chord, and then if you’re playing a single key afterwards,
    only put that single key. It helps for those of us who are capable of
    playing but primarily play “mock”.

  10. T Mules says:

    I realize this is like forever later, but could you please redo the
    tutorial on this? I just came across this video and I’m finding it really
    hard to follow :\

  11. ghlegend195 says:

    Good tutorial. Don’t let the people in the comments get you down. They just
    aren’t that patient. Though sheet music would be nice 😉 check out
    Noteflight for free sheet music software. That helps me out tremendously
    with my tuts when I do them. 

  12. Tyszaratopps says:

    Please redo this. You need to go slower when you’re teaching something to
    make sure it is received and understood by whomever is trying to learn it.
    You can’t just run through it quick and expect people to get it. To put it
    into perspective, you wouldn’t expect a newly hatched bird to fly if you
    pushed out of the nest. It’d fall to it’s death. It takes a little while
    before it is ready. I’m sorry for how this comment comes off, I don’t mean
    for it to be harsh, I am just trying to help you along with your teaching.

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