For sheets visit my website: A piano cover of Take Me To Church by Hozier. Arranged and performed by YourPianoCover. If you liked the video please click the…

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25 thoughts on “Take Me To Church – Hozier – Piano Cover Video by YourPianoCover

  1. YourPianoCover says:

    New piano cover! Take Me To Church by Hozier has been suggested by many, so
    here it is. Pretty fun to play. Pay attention to the shifting feeling from
    straight to shuffle. Have fun :)

  2. Bart Knijnenburg says:

    +YourPianoCover Ur so awesome, i watched all of ur vids and ibreally like
    it when u play the sheet of the nights of avicii. <3

  3. Baevus says:

    It’s a nice arrangement, but at the start it was a tad “pitchy.”
    I love it though! Nice fly swat :)

  4. musicmakesyoustrong says:

    Thank you for posting great tutorials! And I love the different objects you
    always have on the piano haha 😉 But if I could request one thing it would
    be if you could make the covers a bit more advanced, or have two versions
    one easier and one more advanced 😀 That would be great 🙂 Anyway, thank
    you for doing really great covers! :)

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