Sign up for FREE piano lessons at: . Learn how to count 16th notes on the piano in this piano lesson with Nate Bosch. Counting 16…

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10 thoughts on “Counting 16th Notes – Fun Piano Theory Lessons

  1. NappturallyU says:

    Thank you! Couldn’t figure out the 16th note for the life if me. I play by
    ear but am attempting to teach myself to read music…so thx again!

  2. starlight19000 says:

    🙂 ty. now that I know how to count those dumb 16th notes, i can play at my
    recital without failing 😀 and my piano teacher wont yell at me this time

  3. ClassicTVMan1981X says:

    Would you call a fast-paced piano intro such as heard in Supertramp’s
    “Dreamer” or Toto’s “Hold the Line” 16th note licks?

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