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25 thoughts on “Inception – Time – Piano solo – PeaceMaker arrangement ( with sheet music and midi file ! )

  1. Fuck Google+ says:

    Could someone elaborate why this is a “poor arrangement” ? Because i want
    to learn this piece, but if there is a better one out there please point it

  2. tbone11193 says:

    Me 1 min in, “oh this is easy im a master at this” 2 minutes in “this is
    f’ing impossible, nobody can do this!!!”

  3. TheIcecreamtaco says:

    If you can’t play an octave with one hand, your hands are pretty small.
    Most piano songs have octaves in them, it shouldn’t be hard

  4. Kristina Shin says:

    If your hand can’t reach the octave…please just don’t even try to learn
    any advance music because even the beginner’s music sheet requires you to
    extend your fingers from a low note to an octave higher.

    The rhythm of this song seems fairly easy but the runs are pretty hard.
    Perhaps some parts can be improvised so it’s tad easier.

  5. Ore arowobusoye says:

    So what if you need crazy big hands to play this song? Someone worked hard
    on it and it’s beautiful.

  6. daddybojangles1495 says:

    Its a little depressing how people say this is a poor arrangement just
    because they dont know how to play arpeggios. You’re not supposed to
    stretch your fingers out as far as they can do. Its a simple process to
    learn, you just need to practice crossing your fingers over and under one
    another. If any of you took real lessons you would know this. Just look up
    on YouTube how to play an arpeggio on piano. Then you would see this piece
    isnt hard at all…

  7. panagiotis Mandilas says:

    hey . I really want to play that song in this version but I CANNOT find the
    score with the notes of this version of the song… can somebody ubload it?
    or send it to my google +? thank you.I would really appriciate it.

  8. TPGC Vazh | Owner / VazhDesign says:

    im not much of a piano player. but this song is not hard at all:D come’on

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