The stage was not the only place where caricatures of African Americans were on display. The graphic art on Minstrel Show sheet music and posters were also v…

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11 thoughts on “Sheet Music Montage

  1. AmericanGirl says:

    When I was a kid there was a mother and father with a little girl about my
    age, who came over to my house. I’m not that old, im only 28. But my dad is
    slightly racist against blacks and asians, he’s always talking about how he
    doesn’t really like them. He jokes about them but I know he doesn’t really
    like them for real.

  2. AmericanGirl says:

    He says things about them that are mean and clearly racist and he thinks
    the white race is better than them. When I was a kid, I had sort of learned
    this from my dad and when I was a child I picked up on this from him, I‘m
    not like that anymore though.

  3. AmericanGirl says:

    That little girl happened to be black. She had been in my bedroom and she
    had picked up a doll of mine for whatever reason. Later when she and her
    parents had left, I found out she had broken my doll because I came back
    and the doll was broken. In my mind I connected the fact that she was black
    with the fact that she had broken my doll. It made me mad. Anyway…..

  4. AmericanGirl says:

    The funny thing is back then people inaccurately pictured black people as
    monkeys when in fact the human race as a whole is closely related to the
    chimpanzee and has nothing to do with any one races outward appearance,
    each particular races’ appearance has to do with what particular advantage
    those physical traits gave us when we developed them.

  5. AmericanGirl says:

    All you have to do is go to a play ground and watch a group of kids play
    with each other. Watch a new kid go into an established group and the
    established group immediately starts picking on the strange new kid.

  6. AmericanGirl says:

    Adults act the same way–they utilize they same basic tactics in a more
    complex manner, but it is still just as childish. Watch how countries treat
    each other, they share only if they get a benefit out of it such as oil,
    wealth, land, etc., and often pick on each other based on their culture,

  7. AmericanGirl says:

    This could be anyone they could be talking about, not just black people,
    and anyone can be mean not just white people, it just happens to be old,
    white men. It is a part of human nature, sadly. Part of this trait is
    partially built in to human nature because humans are animals–the human
    species–and we got this trait from animals, if you watch primates they
    have similar behavior although probably not as specific as and relentless
    as humans.

  8. AmericanGirl says:

    a reflection upon humanitity’s struggle to treat others with respect, human
    dignity, and maturity. others. Adults are often not any more mature than
    children and the way people learn to treat others often starts in
    childhood. We often learn our behavior from other people, from adults and
    they learn it from others.

  9. AmericanGirl says:

    slavery worked because people learned they could get away with it at the
    expense of others suffering and the system worked for a time. people love
    to put others down and we still do, it’s just not as obvious. humans are
    cruel and not as compassionate as we’d like to think of ourselves. we’re
    fucking stupid. we use what works only even of it means using others.

  10. Steve Cournane says:

    A sad era in American music, I love your collection of sheet music, very
    historical, Thankyou

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