Full Piano Tutorial for Your Call by Secondhand Serenade! Go for it and learn it! =) ** I know I do not sing well, i’m just doing it so that you guys know wh…

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25 thoughts on “Your Call by Secondhand Serenade – Piano Tutorial (with notes)

  1. iluvafalloutboyy says:

    What do u mean u CANT sing!!! You have a rly sweet voice!!! Dont let anyone
    tell u, you cant sing!! not even urself! this vid helped sooooo much btw!!!
    THANK YOU!! xox

  2. PrInCeSsOfMuSiCanna says:

    thank you like so much!!! im playing the piano in the talent show and i so
    want to play this song!! i am like so thankful to you!!! thank you like a
    hell lot of times!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Emman Yuel says:

    i really loooooooooooove it…thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(^_\\)
    pleassssssssssssssse upload more…(^_\\)

  4. jbeeandeli says:

    Heyy YOU ARE SOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!i really want to sing this song for a contest
    solo .. do you think you could play it in C Minor so i can see what it
    sounds like???

  5. xxMLIAerxforeverxxx says:

    urg. your so lucky to have such amazing talent and such a GORGEOUS piano.
    here i am sitting on my bed at 1:19am with a 5 year old crappy keyboard and
    a dream to play this song.

  6. Rina Eunice says:

    woah i wish all piano tutorials are like this this is a masterpiece (So
    Exaggerated) 😀 But yeah it really helps thnx alot! Subscribing and i wish
    more tutorials to come ^_^

  7. emokittychan05 says:

    Im still learning and watching your video over and over again 🙂 ill
    manage, thank you for showing! I love your tutorial!

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