As at 22-June-2014: Top 5 most viewed Videos! I really had nothing else to do yesterday so I decided to do this. 01-December: Updated PDF on Scribd, Fixed so…

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25 thoughts on “Little Drummer Boy (Pentatonix Arrangement) Choral SATB Sheet Music (Scored by MusicHaven)

  1. Greg Fiorella says:

    Errors in the bass line page 9 and an earlier page as well. Bass goes up
    for a couple of notes which are not reflected

  2. MusicHaven2012 says:

    +Greg Fiorella
    Yup, thanks for highlighting the mistakes. No worries, I’ll update the
    score back in Scribd. 

  3. charliep3 says:

    It always surprises me to see how simple the notes are compared to what the
    singer adds. Thanks so much for doing this. I call these score animations
    and made a bunch and put them on my channel back in 2006. I didn’t have to
    do the transcribing, the music was already written. I hope you do more of

  4. Michael Arsenault says:

    This is great, lots of fun to sing along with.

    That being said, I’m not sure how I feel about publicly releasing this
    arrangement – regardless of whether you transcribed it yourself or not.
    Again, I think it is great work you did, but perhaps might try to get in
    contact with the group to glean their opinion?

    Just a thought.

  5. Kristjon Sindri says:

    Do you plan on doing anything else by them in the future? One of the not
    christmas related? But anyway, are those scores, free to use? Really great
    work though!

  6. Chelsea Leigh says:

    I cannot get the link you posted for scribd to work 🙁 I would really love
    the PDF .. idk what I am doing wrong but my internet will not download it.
    Help please?

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