21 thoughts on “Wiz Khalifa – See You Again Piano Cover+FREE SHEETS – Furious 7 Soundtrack – ft.Charlie Puth

  1. Michelle Luong says:

    please send the sheet music!! please please this is the best version I’ve

  2. Miuccia Worthington says:

    This made me cry :'(
    R.I.P. Paul Walker
    You’ll always be my brother – Vin Diesel

  3. Aaron Carter says:

    One of the best covers out there, deserves more views, will be working on
    your cover, good work ! :p

  4. James Clark says:

    Such a class song! Great job as well with the cover! 🙂
    Made a cover myself on my channel but dont think its as good as this! Lol

  5. Detestedcarton says:

    Can you do a tutorial pls im not that good at reading sheet music im more
    visual this way and learn more like this

  6. Miriam Cottam says:

    +teeteetow1, I’m not very tech savvy so I could just be missing it, but do
    you have the sheet music for the piano demo version without Wiz Khalifa? I
    only see the sheets for the rap version.

  7. Dennis Dyballa says:

    Wow I really like those arpeggio-style verses, sounds awesome!
    Definitely one of my favorite arrangements I’ve heard so far 🙂
    Did a piano cover as well 🙂
    Keep playing!

  8. Louisa Amabel says:

    youre really good! (: two years and i still hurt from paul’s loss.. i
    cannot imagine how you feel. deep condolonces and may your dad rest in
    peace. thank you for the sheet!

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